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javascript – Exception from a finished function: Error: There is no user record corresponding to the provided identifier

// LISTENER exports.listenData = functions.https.onRequest(async(request, response) => { // Keep track of profile collection db.collection(‘profile’).onSnapshot(async(querySnapshot) => { console.log(‘change in profile’); let changedDocs = querySnapshot.docChanges(); for (let i = 0; i < changedDocs.length; i++) { let change = changedDocs[i]; if (!change.doc.exists) { continue; } console.log('change in profile in loop'); let profileDocData =; let body =

spring security oatuh2: how to validate without authorization server

A question has arised to me when I’ve tried to use spring-boot-starter-oauth2-resource-server dependency and set up my service as a oauth2 resource service. I’ve configured spring oauth2 resource server without neither jwk-set-uri properties. Instead of that, I’ve instructed spring oauth2 resource server library how to decode JWT. I’ve just created an ReactiveJwtDecoder: @Bean public

linux – wget download hdf file in a MODIS URL

I try to use wget to download a large amount of data from NASA MODIS dataset. They provide data pool link, e.g. In the link, there are jpg, xml, and hdf files. I only need the hdf file.If I run wget –user=XXX –password=XXX -P XXX/XXX/XXX then, everything would be downloaded. So, how to